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On 13th of April the inaugural Know JS online conference takes place. I’m tangentially involved, though I will not speak. The conference is online, and runs from 9am to 6pm Eastern on 13th of April. You can attend from the comforts of your own house.

Know JS is a fairly special type of online conference. Four speakers, Kyle Simpson, Bianca Gandolfo, Kent C. Dodds, and Jem Young, will give not a conference talk, but a full two-hour workshop about a topic of their choice. By buying a ticket you get access to all four of these workshops.

In addition, all four speakers will release a pre-recorded short presentation that sets the tone for their workshops, and these presentations will be available for anyone, not just for ticket holders. They will be published as they come in, starting today.

Tickets are $299, and we decided to cap their number at 50, so that some sort of live interaction between the attendee (that’s you!) and the teacher is possible.

This is a fairly unique type of conference, and credit wholly goes to Kyle, who came up with the idea. His fellow organisers, Brian Rinaldi and me, thought this was a very interesting take that we should try. So here we are, trying it.

This project started with Brian and me meeting in Sofia, and since we’re both conference organisers the conversation quickly turned to conference organising. We found that both of us would like to run a JavaScript event that was not focused on one or more of the popular framenworks, but instead on the language itself. We feel this topic is somewhat underrepresented in today’s conference cycle.

We decided to get Kyle Simpson on board, and our thoughts started to run toward an online event. Although all three of us would prefer a real conference, we weren’t sure how well the topic would be received. So we’re testing the waters, as it were, and if this event is a success, we’ll probably make the jump to an offline conference, ideally with editions in the States and in Europe.

We’ll see what happens next. But if you’re interested in JavaScript the language, please take a good look at what we’re offering.

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