Q2 Android WebView statistics

Once more Scientia Mobile sent me their Android WebView stats over the first quarter. I edited them slightly and put them online.

All in all Google’s promise that they’d make sure the WebViews are up-to-date is being kept; well over 60% of the phones run the latest Chromium WebView (which went from 49 in April to 51 in June).

11% of users are still on Android WebKit; the rest is on vendor-created WebViews ranging from Chromium 18 to well into the forties. (To be honest, I’m not quite sure if the users of 40-48 are on an old Google-approved WebView or a new vendor-created one. It doesn’t matter a lot; they’re below 10% combined.)

Samsung’s market share is fluctuating around 55-57%; the rest of the Top Five is LG, Sony, Motorola, and HTC. This is partly due to Scientia Mobile’s focus on the western developed world; no doubt the stats for China or India look quite different.

Xiaomi and Kyocera devices are least likely to have a Google WebView; both have 38% Chromium 51 in June, with the rest spread out over older versions. Xiaomi even has 17% 42 and 14% 46.

Still, no surprises in this batch of data. Let’s continue to monitor the market.

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