US Viewport tour

Tomorrow I’ll leave for a 16-day tour of the US, which will bring me to Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco. My schedule is:

  1. Portland: 7-13 May; I’ll speak at WebVisions on the 9th.
  2. Seattle: 13-17 May; I’ll speak at the Marquee Club on the 14th.
  3. San Francisco: 17-23 May; I’ll teach a workshop on the 21st and will speak at HTML5 Dev Conf on the 22nd.

The topic of all presentations will be the mobile viewports; I’ll hold roughly the same presentation on each occasion, though the one during the SF workshop will be much longer and tell several side stories, plus we’ll have abundant time for audience questions.

Although some look down on repeating presentations, and they even have a point, I decided to do it anyway. Viewports is a topic web developers need to know about, and I feel that I am the only one who can explain it right now. So I’m going to tell as many web developers as possible the whole truth, including the tricky bits.

When not presenting I have a few appointments with sponsors, potential sponsors, clients, and potential clients, and I’ll also continue writing the final version of my new book. I have limited time left for meet-ups and such, especially in the weekends (10-11 Portland; 17-18 San Francisco). So if you want me to do something nice for your company or local group, don’t hesitate to contact me, but be aware that my time is limited.

Anyway, I hope to meet some of my readers during my tour.

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