May West Coast tour; HTML5 Dev Conf

In mid-May I’ll be on the West Coast for about 10-16 days, ending at HTML5 Dev Conf 19-22 May. I’ll be in Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco, probably in that order. If you want me to come to your company or meet-up, hey, let’s talk.

At HTML5 Dev Conf I will do a conference session and a full-day workshop on the mobile viewports, my main topic for this year. Web developers need to understand the mobile viewports, and two weeks ago I found I can explain the basics in one 40-minute session. (It took me three years to get to that point, but still.) If you’re aspiring to be a well-rounded mobile web developer, hey, why not drop in on my workshop?

The rest of my programme is still vague. I will visit Seattle in order to talk to a major browser vendor, and I’ll spend some time in Portland (among other things to study the bike infrastrcture — the only one I found so far that could actually be better than Amsterdam’s).

I’ll likely fly into Portland somewhere between 6 and 12 May, stay there for a few days with the fine folks at Cloud Four, then move on to Seattle, and then go to San Francisco a few days before HTML5 Dev. Once I’m in San Francisco I may head into the Valley as well, seeing I’m so close. I’ll likely head home on 23rd of May.

The gist is: if you want me to give a talk, an in-house workshop, or a bit of consultancy in mid-May, get in touch. I want to keep this tour budget-neutral, so anyone who’s willing to help me out on the financial side will find me appreciative.

Once my schedule is clearer I’ll post a follow-up.

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