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No Mobilism 2014

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Back in April I reported that ticket sales for our Mobilism conference weren’t going too well, and that Mobilism 2013 might be the last one ever. I also promised an update in September.

Well, it’s September and here’s the update: there will be no Mobilism 2014.

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Three weeks ago I used modern.ie to equip myself with the latest old IEs (if that makes any sense). I advise you to do the same.

During recent sponsorship talks a Microsoft representative pointed out the existence of this resource, and asked me to spread the word. I studied it, downloaded the IEs and used them in my recent tests, and now I’m convinced. So here I am spreading the word.

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W3C DOM Core tests

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During the past several weeks I’ve been busy writing tests and performing them, and now the result is here: the W3C DOM Core compatibility tables for desktop and mobile browsers. I wrote 185 tests plus a test harness, and performed them in 57 browsers (17 desktop and 40 mobile), for a total of 10,545 tests done.

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