New CSS tests - images and replaced content

Just now I published the Images and replaced contents tables. By far the most important feature are gradients, and in general they’re tolerably well supported.

Still, this was a complicated bit of research, because several mobile browsers displayed very weird behaviour, and because syntactically this module is a fucking mess. I wrote a special introduction to gradients to get you up to speed on the problems you may encounter.

I made one crucial decision: I will test only new syntax (supported by IE, Firefox, and Opera) and -webkit-prefixed middle syntax (supported by the WebKit-based browsers, as well as partly by Opera). Thus I ignore the other prefixes, even though they are supported. I did this in order to make my life easier, and also because you don’t need the other prefixes in practice.

The only victim of this decision is Opera 12.00 on Symbian, which requires a -o- prefix, and even then has some weird bugs. I decided not to bother with these bugs. Assume gradients are not supported by Opera 12.00 on Symbian. The world will survive.

Then there’s a second category of bugs, displayed by Android 4.0 (not higher!), Symbian Belle, and Tizen. It seems they do not support ellipsoid radial gradients, and in addition have more odd bugs unless you explicitly define a circle shape. Whatever. I don’t think many web developers will worry about these browsers.

Anyway, all these bugs have now been properly documented, so I can leave you to decide for yourself and go off to buy a kitchen for my new house.

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