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Quick IE usage poll

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I’m working on a major update of the CSS section, and one thing I need to decide is whether to continue to show compatibility data for older IEs (say up to 7).

In order to find out what my readership wants, I’d like to ask you to fill out this quick Old IE poll. I’ll use the results for my decision.

Old IE use


Mobilism announces Anna Debenham and Max Firtman; opens ticket sales

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Mobilism 2013 will take place on 16th and 17th of May in Amsterdam. Today we're very glad to be able to announce two more Mobilism 2013 speakers:

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Hyphenation works!

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Yesterday I found that proper hyphenation of text is now supported by Firefox, IE10, and Safari. So I added it to my main style sheet and it should work in these browsers across my site. I also advise you to add it to your sites straight away.

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Conference diversity: the forgotten group

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OK, so we once again have a discussion on diversity in conference line-ups. This time the cause is the cancellation of the British Ruby conference because of perceived bias in favour of white men. See also John Allsopp’s excellent overview.

Now I don’t have strong opinions one way or the other, but I still want to make one point.

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What the hell’s up with @media not?

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Currently I’m working on a media query test suite, and I’ve run into one of those weird things: the proper syntax of @media not.

Note that I’m only interested in the @media syntax. I cannot use the rest because I can’t fit it into my test suite.

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The Mobile Book

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Back in May or June Vitaly Friedman of Smashing Magazine asked me to write a chapter for Mobile Book.

It was to be about the mobile market as a whole. I liked that; it was just what I had in mind for my next writing job, so I agreed and went to work in summer. Yesterday and today I sent in my final remarks about the print proofs.

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Podcast in Dutch

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A podcast interview with me — in Dutch.

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Principles of measuring connection speed

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Today I finally have the time to continue with the connection speed measurements. For those joining the discussion only now, first read part 1 and part 2. See also the draft spec; especially for the metered property.

I’m trying to distill a few principles for measuring the connection speed. I give them in the form of statements; be sure to speak up if you disagree with one of them.

A later article will return to the nasty details of reading out the connection speed. Today we’re only concerned with broad outlines.

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The CSS physical unit problem

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Now that we have the iPad Mini, web designers waste no time in wanting to distinguish between it and the iPad 2. Tough luck.

Yesterday Max Firtman explained in detail why that is not possible. Briefly, no JavaScript or CSS property, variable or media query is different on the iPad 2 and the iPad Mini. Both are 1024x768, neither has a retina screen, etc.

Incidentally, it appears that native developers can distinguish between the two, making the playing field for the grand match between native and web unleveled (disleveled?). If you wish you can blame Apple.

That’s not what I want to write about, though. Instead, it’s about web developers’ expectations and physical units in the W3C spec.

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