JavaScript library poll results

I held a JavaScript library poll in the last three weeks, and it’s time to publish the results. At least 3,350 people responded. With nearly 155,000 responses in total, and nearly 1,700 for the least-answered question, I believe this poll is fairly representative of my readers and the readers of my readers, and therefore gives genuinely useful information about current JavaScript library use.

The results are here. You can create more crosstabs if you like; there’s quite a bit of information there. Note that it’s not possible to close an Urtak poll, so people will continue to send in responses, and percentages might change gradually.


General questions about library use
Question Yes
Have you used any JavaScript library at all in the last year? 95%
Do you use any JavaScript library in more than 50% of your projects? 91%
In general, do you feel any current JavaScript libraries are useful and performant enough to use on mobile? 75%
Did you start using a new JavaScript library in the past year? 60%
In the last project you used a JavaScript library in, could you have written the script yourself without help of the library? 59%
In general, do you feel micro-libraries are a better approach than general full-scale libraries like jQuery, YUI, or MooTools? 47%
Does the time it takes to learn a Javascript library prevent you from taking up any new ones? 42%
Have you ever contributed to a JavaScript library? 28%
In the last year, did you ever change to another JavaScript library in mid-project? 24%
Have you used a micro-framework library such as qwery, reqwest, bonzo, or domReady in the last year? 17%

Individual libraries

For each library I asked two questions:

  1. Have you used [library name] at all in the last year?
  2. Do you use [library name] in more than 50% of your projects?

People who said Yes to the first question are users; those who said Yes to the second question are frequent users. The crosstab column shows the percentage of those who answered the first question with Yes who also answered the second question with Yes. Note: If the first question was answered with Yes by less than 100 people I did not calculate the crosstab.

So 58% of the respondents used Modernizr at least once in the past year, 35% used it in at least 50% of his projects, and of those who used it at least once, 57% used it in at least 50% of his projects.

Raphael, Zepto, and Sencha Touch score low on the crosstab. Evidently people don’t use it in many projects, although all three are used reasonably well. The reason is most likely that these libraries are for very specific use cases that don’t occur in all projects.

Individual library use
Library Users Frequent users Crosstab
jQuery 91% 80% 87%
Modernizr 58% 35% 57%
underscore.js 33% 16% 48%
backbone.js 30% 11% 34%
Raphael.js 19% 3% 10%
YUI 15% 6% 37%
Google Closure 15% 7% 38%
Zepto 13% 3% 17%
Prototype 13% 5% 27%
Ext.js 11% 4% 30%
MooTools 10% 4% 34%
KnockoutJS 10% 4% 31%
Sencha Touch 10% 2% 15%
AngularJS 8% 3% 31%
Ember 6% 2% 23%
Dojo 6% 2% 29%
Kendo UI 4% 2% *
EnyoJS 3% 2% *
xui.js 2% 1% *
qooxdoo 1% 1% *
Stapes.js 1% 1% *
Total 359 194 -

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