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I did some research around the window.devicePixelRatio property that all WebKit browsers, as well as Opera, support, and for once the news is good. This property’s definition makes sense, and it is implemented almost universally.

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PhoneGap Day EU, 14 September, Amsterdam

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On Friday 14th of September, Web Conferences Amsterdam will team up with PhoneGap to organise the first PhoneGap Day EU in the Compagnietheater in Amsterdam. Tickets are a mere €150, and until 1st of July we even give an additional discount of €50.

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Mac mail advice requested

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OK, so I've decided to move to a MacBook Pro 17'' (no retina) as my main workstation. One inevitable change I have to make is in my mail client. After sixteen years the time has come to say goodbye to Eudora.

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Linkbait 30

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After a long silence. Some entries are from end of last year.

Your donation for keeping this series up and running would be much appreciated.

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