My US tour

As promised, here’s an update on my North-American tour consisting of four public speaking gigs in Seattle, San Francisco, Waterloo, and Orlando, and one workshop in San Francisco.

I’ll leave for Seattle on Saturday 31st of March and return to Amsterdam on Thursday 19th of April. During that time I’ll likely suffer from diminished attention span and will blog and mail less than usual.

My schedule:

  1. An Event Apart Seattle; Monday and Tuesday 2nd and 3rd of April. I will be talking about the touch events.
    AEA Seattle is sold out.
  2. SF HTML5 on Friday 6th of April. I will be talking about pixels and mobile viewports. In fact, this will be the first time I ever hold this presentation, and I haven’t yet written it, so for me personally this will be the most exciting gig.
    There are still a very few tickets for this event, though I wouldn’t be surprised if they are gone before you read this. The event is free, by the way.
  3. The next day, Saturday 7th of April, I’ll be giving a six-hour mobile web workshop in San Francisco. These workshops are very question-driven, so I plan only half the amount of time and let the attendees set the rest of the schedule.
    There are still tickets for this workshop.
  4. Then, on Tuesday 10th of April, together with Nikolai Onken I will speak at MoBeers in Kitchener, Ontario, where I'll repeat the viewport presentation.
    There are still a few tickets to be had.
  5. I’ll be in Chicago for a private event on Thursday 12th of April. I still have time that evening, so if there’s a community event or something, let me know.
  6. Finally, on Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th of April I’ll visit Orlando for the third Breaking Development conference, where I will give my The Mobile Browser World presentation, which is a general overview of the 25 browsers, 20 operators, 15 device vendors, and 10 operating systems that make up the mobile world.
    There are still tickets to be had.

No doubt I’ll meet some of my readers during one of these gigs. You can recognise me by the fact that I’m on stage talking and am carrying a folded mobile browser under my left arm.

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