BlackBerry DevCon slides

Belatedly, and snowed under by other news, here are my BlackBerry DevCon slides of Wednesday. Once more the Future of the Mobile Web, but I think it was the best Future session I gave so far. And I use new cat and fisherman pics.

More in general, the conference was excellent; much, much better than I thought. There was ample web content sprinkled through a solid core of BlackBerry-centric sessions, but even part of the BB sessions were in fact about web technologies and related topics.

Even better, every attendee got a PlayBook, and I regularly heard people remarking that the PlayBook is really a quite decent device. Maybe not quite up to iPad standards, but loads better than the myriad Android tablets.

Incidentally, this strikes me as a pretty smart move by BlackBerry. Given the fact that PlayBook sales are abysmal, the next best thing you can do is actually getting it in the hands of developers, who may create apps for it or at the very least add it to their mobile device lab so they can test on BlackBerry WebKit, too.

So an altogether solid performance by BlackBerry. And not even ten minutes by bike from my house. I wish more mobile players would follow their example.

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