QuirksMode reader poll

OK, it’s time for an experiment. I created a reader poll about QuirksMode, your testing habits as a web developer, and your devices.

The fun part is that this service, Urtak, allows you to add a question of your own after you’ve answered a few existing ones. Please do so! I’m very curious what you’ll come up with. Just make sure that you ask only one question, and that it's unambiguously phrased.

(Unfortunately Urtak is currently experiencing very heavy traffic, so if you post a new question it’ll take a while before I see it. And going through the results and cross-tabbing them is not yet possible.)

But please take the poll. It only involves answering Yes or No to about ten questions — and adding your own, if you so like.

And the best part is: if you return to the poll in a few you’ll likely see new questions to answer. I’ll post a reminder next week.

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