Mobile browser stats for September

It’s time for the mobile browser stats for September; as always according to StatCounter. Like last month, only two points changed hands but they’re important ones: Safari jumps back to second position, stealing one point each from Nokia and BlackBerry.

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So Safari can still conquer market share from the other browsers. Android, in contrast, has come to a complete standstill. Its growth has been slowing for the entire year, but this is the first month ever that the Android browser does not grow its market share at all.

The race has changed again: there’s now a three-way struggle between Opera, Safari, and Android for the top slot, while Nokia and especially BlackBerry have to content themselves with a distinctly lower position. The difference between Opera and BlackBerry has grown by one point to 11%.

Global browser stats, September 2011
Browser September 2011 ch August 2011 Remarks
Opera 22% 0 22% Mini and Mobile combined
Safari 21% +2 19% iPhone and iPod Touch
Android 20% 0 20%
Nokia 16% -1 17%
BlackBerry 11% -1 12%
NetFront 4% 0 4%
UC 1% 0 1% Chinese proxy browser
Dolfin 1% 0 1% Samsung bada
Obigo 1% 0 1% For LG phones as well as Brew MP. Version 10 is WebKit-based
Jasmine 1% 0 1% Samsung NetFront-based and early WebKit-based
Samsung 1% 0 1% Samsung’s non-Android, non-Jasmine, non-Dolfin browsers
Other 1% 0 1%
Volatility 2%
WebKit 58% +1 57% Safari, Nokia, Android, Dolfin, 10% of BlackBerry
Mobile 7% 0 7% Mobile browsing as percentage of all browsing

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