Forum Oxford

Friday 28th of October I’ll be speaking at Forum Oxford, the annual mobile conference organised by Tomi Ahonen and Ajit Jaokar. This is an extra-special event for me since it’ll be the first time I speak at a purely mobile (i.e. not specifically mobile web) event.

Tickets are £295 and can still be had.

This year’s themes are NFC payments, Mobile Commerce and the Mobile Web. I’m not terribly interested in the second, but the first and especially the third theme are close to my heart. Fortunately I won’t be the only mobile web speaker, but I’ll be the only one that actually comes from deep inside the web community.

Thus I see my role as a kind of emissary from the web world who has finally reached the Circle of Elders of the mobile world and will offer them information exchange and a treaty of friendship. Or something. I’ll play this by ear once I actually get to the conference.

If you’re into mobile (and not only the mobile web) this conference is an excellent chance to encounter a lot of mobile thoughts and ideas, as well as quite a few important people. (And also humble me.)

Anyway, at the end of a conference announcement I usually say that I hope to meet a few of my readers there. I’m not sure if that will be the case this time, but we’ll see.

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