Mobile browser stats for August

It’s time for the mobile browser stats for August, as always from StatCounter. Although only two points have changed hands since July, they are important ones: Android jumps to second position after Opera, but before Safari.

Just when I was starting to doubt the Android march would continue, it did. Its gains are incomparable to the three to four points per month it regularly grew per month at the start of this year, but grow it did. And since Safari declined by a point during the same period, the mobile browser landscape has shifted.

BlackBerry is now clearly the fifth-largest browser, with little hope of overtaking the number four, Nokia. Nokia remains at a solid 17%, and may even threaten Safari, which is only two points larger. Android becomes number two, and although Opera is still two points larger, it should start to worry.

So the browser race enters a new phase, with a confused scramble for places 1-4. The difference between Opera and Nokia is only five points: not impossible to bridge, one would say.

Stay tuned.

Global browser stats, August 2011
Browser August 2011 ch July 2011 Remarks
Opera 22% 0 22% Mini and Mobile combined
Android 20% +2 18%
Safari 19% -1 20% iPhone and iPod Touch
Nokia 17% 0 17%
BlackBerry 12% 0 12%
NetFront 4% 0 4%
Obigo 1% 0 1% For LG phones as well as Brew MP. Version 10 is WebKit-based
Dolfin 1% 0 1% Samsung bada
Jasmine 1% 0 1% Samsung NetFront-based and early WebKit-based
UC 1% 0 1% Chinese proxy browser
Samsung 1% 0 1% Samsung’s non-Android, non-Jasmine, non-Dolfin browsers
Other 1% -1 2%
Volatility 2%
WebKit 58% +1 57% Safari, Nokia, Android, Dolfin, 10% of BlackBerry
Mobile 7% 0 7% Mobile browsing as percentage of all browsing

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