The future of the mobile web

In the past three months I’ve given my new presentation The future of the mobile web no less than seven times. I held up releasing the slides until now because I knew I was going to give it again at Mobilism. Now that that last session is done and dusted there’s no reason to hide the slides any longer.

So here are the seven slide decks. It’s all the same presentation with the same points being made, but there are subtle differences between them. Therefore I advise you to view the slides of the actual presentation you attended — the others may make less sense to you.

If you haven’t seen any of these presentations I recommend this version (the Breaking Development one). It’s the most complete one; I left out a few slides in the later versions.

  1. /dev/haag; Den Haag; 25 February
  2. Mobile Tech Conference; München; 29 March
  3. Bay Area Mobile; San Jose; 6 April
  4. Breaking Development; Dallas; 11 April
  5. Mobile Convention Amsterdam; Amsterdam; 19 April
  6. Front-end day; Sofia; 26 April
  7. Mobilism; Amsterdam; 12 May

The München one is available on video.

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