My US tour

On Monday I’ll fly out for a two-week US tour that will bring me to San Francisco, San Jose, Austin, Dallas, New York, and Albany. On the way I’ll hold four public sessions, and I expect to see a lot of people and drink a lot of beer.

The sessions are:

  1. Wednesday 6th of April, San Jose, around 7pm: Bay Area Mobile, organised and sponsored by PayPal. I’ll discuss the future of the mobile Web.
  2. Monday 11th of April, Dallas, keynote: Breaking Development conference, where I will also discuss the future of the mobile Web. This is a full conference, and it’s definitely worth your time and money if you’re interested in the mobile web. I mean, look at the speaker list.
  3. Wednesday 13th of April, New York City, around 7pm: <!DOCTYPE html>, organised and sponsored by HUGE Inc. Here I will discuss the touch events.
  4. Thursday 14th of April, Albany, 2:30pm: The Mobile Browser World, organised and sponsored by the Professional Development Program of the University at Albany. Here I will discuss the mobile browser world and give some general tips for setting up a mobile test environment.

The Breaking Development conference charges an entrance fee; the three others are free. Seats are still available at all four.

I hope to see some of my readers there. Or maybe in between, when I’m having beers in six cities in three states.

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