Mobile browser stats for January 2011

Here are the global mobile browser market share stats for January 2011; as usual provided by StatCounter. I publish these stats every month, but the local stats from twelve selected countries only every quarter.

The biggest loser in January is BlackBerry (-3). The December global stats already saw BlackBerry declining a bit, while the Q4 figures still show a modest growth. Maybe BlackBerry reached its zenith in October/November 2010.

Biggest winner is Safari (+2), which reverses its decline of the past year or so. One theory is that Safari starts to grow again now that the iPhone is now available on multiple networks per country. For now the Safari trend supports the theory.

Opera and Android win one point; Nokia loses one. UCWeb drops under the 1% threshold and is now counted in Other.

All in all the mid field, consisting of BlackBerry, Nokia, and Android, is changing most rapidly. I expect Android to pass the other two next month, and it will probably start to threaten Opera and Safari by May or June or so. I’m less certain about the fate of the other two. Will BlackBerry and especially Symbian users start to surf in greater numbers?

Global browser stats, January 2011
Browser Jan 2011 ch Dec 2010 Remarks
Safari 25% +2 23% iPhone and iPod Touch. iPad not included.
Opera 21% +1 20% Mini and Mobile combined
BlackBerry 15% -3 18% WebKit-based BB6 browser still marginal
Nokia 15% -1 16%
Android 14% +1 13% Includes tablets
NetFront 4% 0 4%
Samsung 2% 0 2% bada
Other 4% 0 4% Including UCWeb
Volatility 4%
WebKit 56% +2 54% Safari, Nokia, Android, Samsung
Mobile 4% 0 4% Mobile browsing as percentage of all browsing

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