A further note on mobile browser stats

Last Thursday I blogged about my site’s statistics, and concluded that mentioning a site on Twitter (and possibly other social media) results in a huge upsurge of mobile traffic as a whole, and Safari and Android traffic specifically.

Since StatCounter logs only the last 20,000 page loads on my blog, last week’s hits are being slowly overwritten by new hits. Thus the hits generated by Smashing Magazine’s tweet are disappearing, and a normal usage pattern is re-emerging.

The new data confirms my theory. In six days of my blog being mentioned nowhere in particular, mobile visits have gone down from 5% to about 2.5%. Within these mobile visits, the following happened:

Browser Last week This week
Safari 64% 55%
Android 25% 21%
Opera 7% 11%
BlackBerry 2% 4%
Other 2% 8%

Safari and Android combined have lost 13% of traffic share, which has gone to the other browsers. In other words: normal mobile traffic is less overwhelmingly Safari/Android than mobile traffic just after an influential mention on Twitter.

I’m not going to draw any more conclusions; I just present this as a data point for further consideration.

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