Fronteers 2010: early bird ending

On 7 and 8 October Fronteers 2010 will take place in Amsterdam. Three more speakers and one more workshop have been announced, and the early bird period will end next Wednesday, at the end of June.

The three speakers are Brad Neuberg, who will talk about SVG, and Steve Faulkner and Hans Hillen, who will talk about doing HTML5 the accessible way: with ARIA.

Dan Rubin will be giving a workshop “Bringing Your Design to Life with CSS3” on Tuesday 5 October, two days before the conference.

Right now a conference ticket for two days is still only € 275. These prices will go up next Thursday, though. A workshop ticket for Dan Rubin or Andy Clarke will remain € 350 So what are you waiting for? Buy one! (Or two, or five.)

(Fronteers members should not use the general ticket sale page. Instead, they have gotten a mail with special instructions for obtaining an extra discount.)

I hope to see some of my readers at Fronteers 2010.

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