Upcoming: @media Ajax conference

At the tail end of @media 2007 Europe, Patrick Griffiths announced a brand new conference at which I'm going to speak:

@media Ajax, 19 and 20 November 2007 in London.

The speakers' list reads like a Who's Who in current JavaScript development: Brendan Eich, Douglas Crockford, Derek Featherstone, John Resig, Jeremy Keith, Stuart Langridge, Mike Stenhouse, Dan Webb, Chris Heilmann, and humble me, with a few more to be announced soon. I'm very proud to be part of this event.

This conference will likely be smaller than the regular @media, and that's good, because it will give everybody the chance to talk with everybody else (something I sorely missed in Austin, and to a lesser degree at the regular @media). It will also have a strict focus on just one topic, and that one topic will be explained by world-class minds.

My presentation will be a case study; but I'm not going to tell you which case I'm going to study because it's still shrouded in secrecy and I haven't actually worked on the project yet. Suffice it to say that it's the first project I encountered that clearly calls for an Ajax implementation.

And what about the regular @media? Obviously it had the quality we've come to associate with the brand, and I hugely enjoyed myself, even though the conference ended on a slightly sad note when Joe announced he's pretty much retiring from web accessibility.

I'm still in London, and in a few hours I'm going to meet up with a few WaSP DOM Scripting Task Force members and JavaScript Ninjas. Therefore I'll write about @media 2007 Europe when I'm back home in Amsterdam.

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