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Safari handles the child/descendant concept incorrectly in tables. The sample style has a .table_style tr style that Safari applies to the first row only. IE and FF do this correctly. Changing this to .table_style > tr still doesn't work! I had to change it to .table_style tr * to get it to work, but that's non-standard.

Test page Workaround is not included
Reported by: Norman Franke.

Safari | Reported on 6 April 2007.

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1 Posted by Brian LePore on 6 April 2007 | Permalink

Just guessing, as I don't have Safari to test against, but I'm betting that Safari is like Firefox (and I believe IE and Opera) which generates a tbody element between the table and the tr element, and thus explains why .table_style > tr doesn't work.

2 Posted by Norman Franke on 18 April 2007 | Permalink

Likely, but that doesn't explain why every other browers works. I believe it's really due to Safari's incorrect handling of the descendant/child concepts. If you state that all descentant 's have a height, it shouldn't matter if there is an intermediate tbody (since it's still a descendant.) Again, FF and IE work OK.

3 Posted by Dustin Diaz on 19 May 2007 | Permalink

Take special note, it was the 'height' property that didn't work. If you try things like color and background properties, it works.

4 Posted by Mark Rowe on 28 May 2007 | Permalink

This appears to work as expected in the latest builds of WebKit.

5 Posted by Stephen on 12 June 2007 | Permalink

The good news is that it works properly in the new Safari 3 Beta for Windows XP. I can assume that the same behavior will be found in the full release version and in the Mac versions.

6 Posted by Brandy on 14 June 2007 | Permalink

I can verify that this bug is fixed in Safari 3 Beta on a Mac. (I'm using 10.4.9 on a Macbook Pro.)