Changing col style properties via javascript causes no redraw in Safari

Dynamically changing the className or style.backgroundColor has no effect on the rendering of <col>s in Safari. Static styles work fine.

Test page Workaround is included
Reported by: Seb Frost.

Safari | Reported on 31 January 2007.

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1 Posted by Cezary Okupski on 8 March 2007 | Permalink

I've got a nicer workaround:
document.body.parentNode.replaceChild(document.body.cloneNode(true), document.body)

2 Posted by David Kilzer on 15 March 2007 | Permalink

This has been fixed as of WebKit r20211.

3 Posted by Brandy on 14 June 2007 | Permalink

This is also fixed in Safari 3 Beta (on my Mac).

4 Posted by Andy on 3 September 2007 | Permalink

I have another workaround which I used for a show/hide script which changes the className but safari refused to redraw the screen even though it did update the className:

(object).innerHTML = (object).innerHTML + " "