Floats inside a scrolling div inside a table

Let's say you've some content inside a div with a defined size, which is inside a table. The div is set to overflow: auto, so any content that won't fit should scroll.

In Safari and Shiira, if the content inside the div is floated, the table height (not the div height) will expand to fit the height of the content inside the div.

Test page Workaround is not included
Reported by: Brandy.

Safari | Reported on 18 October 2006.

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1 Posted by Tim on 29 November 2006 | Permalink

I've had success with setting overflow:auto;overflow-y:auto;

2 Posted by David Kilzer on 23 December 2006 | Permalink

Filed as WebKit Bug 11944.


3 Posted by David Kilzer on 29 January 2007 | Permalink

Fixed as of WebKit r19207. Try a WebKit nightly to see.


4 Posted by Brandy on 24 February 2007 | Permalink

Thanks Tim, the workaround has been added.

5 Posted by Brandy on 26 February 2007 | Permalink

I thought I had it fixed with Tim's comment, but it was just my error. So far, no workarounds :(

6 Posted by Brandy on 14 June 2007 | Permalink

This bug appears to be fixed in Safari 3 Beta.