Bug Reports for July 2006

This is the monthly Bug Reports archive for July 2006.

Name/value pairs aren't submitted for image submit buttons

Permalink | Explorer 5-6 Windows | 2 comments
Reported on 21 July 2006

When using <input type=image> as a submit button, only Firefox sends the name-value pair to the server.

There's an unobtrusive JavaScript fix included, which makes Opera, Firefox and IE6 behave the same (not tested in other browsers).

Test page Workaround is included
Reported by: Krijn Hoetmer.

Option elements containing entities are not rendered while selecting

Permalink | Explorer Mac | 0 comments
Reported on 20 July 2006

In a single select element the select control is rendered incorrectly during selection, if an option element is present containing character entities/references. This does not apply to ampersands.

Test page Workaround is not included
Reported by: Toby Woodwark.

Hangs up on form element with display:table-cell

Permalink | Safari | 1 comments
Reported on 19 July 2006

Put the code: <form style="display:table-cell"></form> in a page. Safari will hang and you must force it to quit.

Applying styles dynamically makes no difference.

Test page Workaround is not included
Reported by: Toby Woodwark.

Inline background-color quirk in justified text

Permalink | Opera | 0 comments
Reported on 18 July 2006

When using a background-color on a span of inline text, while in text-align: justify, Opera 8 draws the background color before the word wrap. This leaves background colors behind when the foreground text is word-wrapped to the next line.

This has been corrected in Opera 9.

Test page Workaround is not included
Reported by: Howard Russell.

Fixed > Overflow > Relative objects get hidden when scrolling

Permalink | Safari | 4 comments
Reported on 17 July 2006

In Safari, when you have a object with a relative position, inside an object with overflow hidden, inside a fixed object, the relatively positioned object gets clipped when you scroll the page.

Test page Workaround is not included
Reported by: Chris McLay.

Iframe width set incorrectly

Permalink | Explorer 5-6 Windows | 0 comments
Reported on 4 July 2006

When dynamically creating an IFRAME, its width is set correctly, according to CSS. However once the content is loaded, Explorer 6 and lower somehow forget the real width.

The workaround that I suggest is setting onreadystatechange handler to remind him the correct style.

(ppknote: resizing the page also solves the bug)

Test page Workaround is included
Reported by: Evgeny Fraimovitch.

IE overflow-y IFRAME bug

Permalink | Explorer 5-6 Windows, Explorer 7 | 0 comments
Reported on 3 July 2006

Using css property overflow-y:scroll on iframes in IE6 will cause it to display an empty gap on the right side of the frame. The gap is approximately the size of a scrollbar. There is no workaround yet, other than refraining from using overflow-y.

Test page Workaround is not included
Reported by: Lauri Piispanen / Conmio Oy.

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