Name/value pairs aren't submitted for image submit buttons

When using <input type=image> as a submit button, only Firefox sends the name-value pair to the server.

There's an unobtrusive JavaScript fix included, which makes Opera, Firefox and IE6 behave the same (not tested in other browsers).

Test page Workaround is included
Reported by: Krijn Hoetmer.

Explorer 5-6 Windows | Reported on 21 July 2006.

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1 Posted by Milo on 24 July 2006 | Permalink

Due to IE submitting a [button]'s innerHTML rather than its value.

This has been reported to Microsoft ( and the last word is "After the investigation, we decided to consider changing the button design in the next version but not in IE7. Currently, the behavior is consistant with IE 6 and if it is changed there will be a big impact to customers' existed web design."

2 Posted by Krijn Hoetmer on 25 July 2006 | Permalink

Bummer :/