Positioning the legend tag

Positioning legend tags — what works and what doesn't? To be honest not a lot does.

I've tested — position: absolute, fixed, relative, floats margins and setting widths.

Test page Workaround is not included
Reported by: Marc Pacheco.

Explorer 5-6 Windows, Mozilla, Opera, Safari | Reported on 21 March 2006.

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1 Posted by Milo on 21 March 2006 | Permalink

The results for Opera 9 (tp2) are significantly different from Opera 8.5:
"absolute" and "fixed" appear to work just fine.
Setting the width works.
Floating moves the legend inside of the fieldset.

2 Posted by Marc Pacheco on 21 March 2006 | Permalink

That's intresting, I'll add opera Opera 9 when it is released. I'm still not sure the legend should be moved inside when it is floated. I suppose it depends on how you see the process.

3 Posted by Thomas on 21 March 2006 | Permalink

http://marc.baffl.co.uk/browser_bugs/firefox_overflow_out.html seems to trigger my Norton AntiVirus because a trojan horse has infected the website.
It also tries to download a file from game4all.biz, which contains malware.
I thought that it would be wise to report.

4 Posted by Thomas on 21 March 2006 | Permalink

This link is beneath the report of the bug on the test page. It hasn't got much to do with the actual test page.

5 Posted by Marc Pacheco on 21 March 2006 | Permalink

Thanks for the warning about the trojan, I've replaced the infected file and I've contacted my hosting company. Had no idea


6 Posted by Marc Pacheco on 6 April 2006 | Permalink

Not sure if anyone is still watching added ie7 beta, It's better but not grate. Also need to write up what looks like an interaction between the position: relative and position: fixed. Will take some time since I don't have xp indoors.