:first-letter bug in Mozilla Firefox

In Mozilla Firefox 1.5 when you scroll the form so that it is off-screen at the top then scroll back on-screen the underscores on the first letter of each line sometimes do not re-appear again. When scrolling to the end of the form and backup again, and when the browser window is resized to a smal size it seems even more persistent. This bug is triggered by styling label:first-letter {text-decoration: underline}.

(ppknote: This bug is quite flighty, I myself saw it only the third time I tried the test page.)

Test page Workaround is not included
Reported by: Johan Van Den Rym.

Mozilla | Reported on 21 February 2006.

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1 Posted by Koen Pasman on 21 February 2006 | Permalink

The bug is better visible when you drag the scrollbar rather than using your scrollwheel.

2 Posted by John Hansen on 8 March 2006 | Permalink

It's much more apparent when dragging the scrollbar very slowly.