nested form/table causes extra whitespace

When nesting a form wholy inside a cell certain browsers includes extra white space at the end of the form. This would appear to be a bug.

Test page Workaround is not included
Reported by: Jay Soffian.

Explorer 5-6 Windows, Explorer 7, Safari | Reported on 21 November 2005.

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1 Posted by Peregrine on 21 November 2005 | Permalink

Wouldn't this just be the bottom margin of the form element or block level elements inside it?

As a 'bug' I think this is bogus, just brush up on your CSS and remove the margin in your stylesheet. Don't expect browsers' internal stylesheets to all be the same. Some people use margins in certain places whilst others use padding. That's what CSS is all about :)

2 Posted by Joe on 2 November 2006 | Permalink

set css for forms as display:inline;

3 Posted by Pisu on 20 December 2006 | Permalink

Thanks Joe, your hint works!
In IE6 it was enough to set margin and padding styles to zero, but problem returned with IE7 (with MS every release is a bug...), and I found the only solution to set display:inline.