float left and background problem

Elements don't display correctly if they have a background color and a child element that uses float: left.

The #content{background: #FFFFFF;} declaration is the source of the problems. Remove it and the hidden element displays fine.

Bug applies only to Explorer 6.

Test page Workaround is not included
Reported by: Francis Mak.

Explorer 5-6 Windows | Reported on 6 July 2005.

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1 Posted by Ingo Chao on 6 July 2005 | Permalink

"This caption never display" can be revealed by sizing the window and scrolling, or by selecting the region, so I guess it's a variant of the peek-a-boo
and the fix would be to apply the Holly hack
to the container.

2 Posted by francis on 7 July 2005 | Permalink

thank you very much.

3 Posted by Luke on 19 August 2005 | Permalink

Hi - one solution that worked for me was to give both the holding div and the floated element "position: relative" -> see:


4 Posted by Jean-Michel Reghem on 18 December 2006 | Permalink

setting position:relative for both div have a bad effect: the background-color of the parent div who receive this position:relative is ignored ... so it is the same result as removing background-color ...

The real workaround is to set
in the css of the parent div

as this:
#body2 {
display: inline-block;

--> tested on IE7, FF2 --> no problem ...

and it clear the bug on IE6

(solution found here: http://pear.reversefold.com/badIE/ by Nicolas BUI)

5 Posted by Jesse Shieh on 10 March 2007 | Permalink

I was able to fix this by setting zoom:1 in the element containing the background color. Since it's an IE-only bug and zoom is only recognized by IE, this seems to have the least amount of risk in terms of side-effects in other browsers.

I also see this problem if the child element isn't floating, but is hidden i.e. display: none.

6 Posted by Tim on 13 May 2008 | Permalink

I had a related problem and spent several hours trying to track down a solution -- without luck. IE6 would not display the contents of my floated DIVs.

But inadvertently, I discovered the problem. While this probably is reported elsewhere, I could have used it here. So here goes:

My DIV was contained inside a DIV with "min-height" defined. IE6 doesn't support this, and I knew that, but I didn't know it would cause this related bug.

So when I set the height attrib for my DIV, the float magically appeared as it should. Further, relative positioning on another DIV also worked as it should!