Links lose underlining with text-align applied

In Opera 8.0, links lose their default underlining style when text-align is applied to them.

Test page Workaround is included
Reported by: Chris Hester.

Opera | Reported on 16 May 2005.

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1 Posted by Krijn Hoetmer on 17 May 2005 | Permalink

This is perhaps because text-align only applies to block-level elements, table cells and inline blocks ( and the fact that Opera (7 as well) removes the default underlining for anchors displayed as one of those 3 values. a { display: block|inline-block|table-cell; } does the same.

The element is converted to inline-block internally?

This can also be solved by specifying both text-decoration: underline; and text-align on the anchor (although the text-align still hasn't got any effect then).