Back and forward between named anchors doesn't update window.location

When navigating between named anchors in IE, the window.location object changes to reflect the change in the URL. This is correct. However, the window.location object should also change when you use the back or forward buttons, or the history.back() and history.forward() methods, to move between these anchors, and in IE 6.0 and IE 6.1, it does not.

Opera has exactly the opposite bug: it never shows the hash.

Test page Workaround is not included
Reported by: Isaac Z. Schlueter.

Explorer 5-6 Windows, Explorer 7, Opera, Safari | Reported on 18 January 2005.

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1 Posted by Isaac Z. Schlueter on 18 January 2005 | Permalink

MSIE 4.0 for Windows CE (PDA) does not have this bug. I don't know if this is indicative of MSIE4 in general, since the Windows CE browser is quite a bit updated from its Desktop counterpart in many ways.

2 Posted by lwz on 24 December 2006 | Permalink

When you go back twice and forward once (in IE), the URL becomes the wrong one, i.e. the one with the hash