Text node maximum size

Mozilla and Opera split up one huge text node into several smaller text nodes. Explorer Mac acts weirdly.

Maximum text node sizes:

Test page. Workaround is not included.
Reported by ppk.

Explorer Mac, Mozilla, Opera | Reported on 17 December 2004.

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1 Posted by Jonathan Buchanan on 17 December 2004 | Permalink

I noticed from Firefox's DOM Inspector that it splits the large text section up into 4K bytes, so by using firstChild[0], you're only getting the first of these. Calling normalize() on the node before processing it will force the browser to combine all the sibling text nodes in that element into one text node.

Some information on "normalize":

function testTextNodes()
//... as before

The test then displays 66250 for me before and after moving the text node in Firefox 1.0 (Win).

The problem still persists for me in Opera 7.60 (Win) build 7364c, though.

2 Posted by Mathieu Parent on 27 January 2005 | Permalink

Mozilla Bug: http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=280026

3 Posted by David Storey on 14 October 2007 | Permalink

As far as can see this works correctly in Opera now.

4 Posted by Chris Hester on 22 November 2007 | Permalink

Firefox 3 on Mac reports 8132 twice.

5 Posted by ppk on 26 February 2008 | Permalink

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