Bottom margin bug on hover

In IE with SP2 if you a few a few anchor tags for a menu that have some vertical distance from each other (by using the bottom margin) and on hover want them to change background color, you are in for a nice surprise (removing the margin of the anchor 2 places behind it ..)

Test page Workaround is not included
Reported by: Petrioli Gabriel.

Explorer 5-6 Windows | Reported on 15 December 2004.

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1 Posted by Chris Hester on 27 December 2004 | Permalink

The first line of the description for this report does not make any sense.

2 Posted by Xander on 28 January 2005 | Permalink

According to the workarround, float: left and
clear: left should do the trick.
It indeed fixes the problem, but creates another one.
It places a copy of the latest characters of last floating box below the last floating box.

3 Posted by Chris Bricker on 3 August 2006 | Permalink

As Xander stated the current workaround is buggy. Try wrapping each tag in another block level element (div, li, etc...) and apply the margin style to the wrapping element.

Hope that helps