Float following header is buggy

When a floating box appears directly after a header in Mozilla, the very first line of text after the float doesn't obey the float but is rendered right through the floating box.
The first floating box on a page is never affected by this bug, though.

Test page. Workaround is not included.
Reported by ppk.

Mozilla | Reported on 24 December 2004.

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1 Posted by JDenny on 28 December 2004 | Permalink

Using FireFox 1.0 this bug fixes itself immediatly after de- or in-creasing text size. And perhaps by otherwise causeing reflow.

2 Posted by Louis Bennett on 28 December 2004 | Permalink

Is there a bug filed in bugzilla about this?

3 Posted by ppk on 5 January 2005 | Permalink

I have no idea. I find Bugzilla to be completely unworkable, so I've given up searching and filing bugs.

You seem to have Bugzilla experience, though, judging by the comments you left, so I guess that if you can't find a bug report it probably isn't there.

4 Posted by porges on 1 March 2005 | Permalink

This bug does not seem to appear in Firefox 1.0.1.

5 Posted by ReneS on 22 July 2005 | Permalink

Appears in Firefox 1.0.4 Win

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.7.8) Gecko/20050511 Firefox/1.0.4

6 Posted by ppk on 13 September 2005 | Permalink

Seems to be solved in Firefox 1.5