Background images underneath borders

Explorer positions a background-image underneath the border of the element. Therefore it's impossible to get the position of a background image in an element with a border correct in all browsers.

Test page. Workaround is not included.
Reported by ppk.

Explorer 5-6 Windows, Explorer 7, Explorer Mac | Reported on 22 December 2004.

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1 Posted by Tino Zijdel on 22 December 2004 | Permalink

Giving the element a height or width (or use the 'Holly-hack') solves the problem. This is one of the many 'hasLayout'-related bugs in IE.

2 Posted by ppk on 24 December 2004 | Permalink

Thanks Tino, that solves it in Explorer Windows, but not, unfortunately, in Explorer Mac.

Test page updated.

3 Posted by Geoff Richards on 9 January 2006 | Permalink

Wow, after lots of trial and error I found this, and added one rule that made everything work:

div { display: inline-block }

which also triggers the hasLayout thing. But I've only tried it in IE6 so far.