W3C DOM mailing list

Since I published my W3C DOM Compatibility Tables I get many questions about the W3C DOM and its implementation. Unfortunately I can't answer half of them. Therefore I decided to found a mailing list

The list was founded on 14 December 2000 and has been very, very useful to many people. No other JavaScript list has such an impressive membership of guru–level programmers well acquainted with all facets of the language.

Browse through our Archives if you want to see for yourself.


Official description: This list studies the JavaScript implementation of the W3C DOM in the various browsers. It has a strongly practical bend. Discussion of the standards is not forbidden, but the most important topic should be how the standards turn out to work in practice.

Basically I want to provide a forum for the many questions the new W3C DOM raises. There are many people out there on the Internet who know something about the new DOM, but I think there are only a very few who know everything there is to know (and I'm not one of them, I just stumble along at the moment).

So the obvious solution to all these problems is to pool our resources and discuss the practical implementation of the W3C DOM in (for the moment) Explorer 5+, Mozilla, Opera 5+ and Konqueror.

Please note that I’m fairly strict in maintaining the topic of this mailing list. It is meant for the W3C DOM, not for previous DOM implementations or for general JavaScript questions. If you’re not sure whether your question is on–topic, study the Compatibility Tables. If you use at least two methods or properties that are mentioned in it, your question is on–topic. If not, it’s off–topic.

If you're a beginning or intermediate scripter, you'd best join Evolt's thelist. It includes many JavaScripters, including myself.


Interested? Join us by sending an empty mail to [email protected]. Or first browse through our Archives to get an impression of the stuff we discuss.

Initially new members are put under moderation. This is to discourage spammers and the asking of low-level questions. I'm sorry, but this is an advanced JavaScript mailing list.