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Osantrix and Oda


King Osantrix was married with queen Juliana, and her father was king Iron of Skrottan and Mittan, the countries we now call Scotland and England. Osantrix and Juliana had a daughter Bertha, but Juliana died, and everyone mourned her.

Attila and Erka


One day king Attila told Osid to travel to Wilkinenland to ask for the hand of Erka, king Osantrix' daughter. Attila also selected a second chieftain to go on this journey: Rodolf, a duke over many knights. When Osid and Rodolf arrived in Wilkinenland king Osantrix received them well, even though he and Attila were not friends, and asked them what they came for.

Osid told them Attila wanted to marry Erka. Osantrix replied that king Attila had feuded with him, and killed many Wilkinamen, and therefore he would not give him his daughter. Osid and Rodolf returned home and told each other they had never seen so beuatiful a woman as Erka, and after her Berta, her sisterIn Von der Hagen Osid tells all this to Attila.


Sigurd went to the castle and asked the princess to open the doors. When she heard her father had sent him there she invited him in and asked him what his mission was. And she added: You are a wise and wily man, and never before someone has come to my father for twice twelve months who acted as you have, for you never came here except when you’re commanded to, and you never came to talk to us.

Sigurd said that it was not customary in herVon der Hagen: our country to see princesses, unless the king allows it, and that he learned this in Hunnenland. But since the king himself sent him, they could speak for a while.

Then Erka told her sister Berta and all others to go out so that the two of them could remain alone to fulfill his mission. But Sigurd proposed: let's go into the grassy courtyard to speak there, so that even the king on the wall can see what wer’re doing, but no one can hear our words. And Erka replied he was courteous, and learned great cunningor good manners? in his youth. Then she called for two cushions to be laid outside.


Now they went out into the garden and sat below a treeVon der Hagen: apple tree and kings Osantrix and Nordung saw where they were sitting. And Sigurd took off his hatWhy is this important? and said: I deceived king Osantrix and you, lady, I’m not Sigurd but RodolfVon der Hagen: Rodinger, king Attila’s messenger. He asks you to become his wife, and he will mae sure you will get sons, have knights and castles, and you’ll be the greatest queen of all the world.

Erka became angry and called out: My dear sister Berta, hear now this man’s mission. He is Rodolf, and has deceived me and myStrictly speaking ourfather; Berta is also Osantrix’ daughter father. Quick, go tell my father what happened, for he has killed five hundred of his knights and will hang for that.

Rodolf said: Rather, lady, go with me to become king Attila’s wife and queen, and young BertaAccording to 28 she is older than Erka; or is "young" meant as a lower rank? Or did Osantrix just have two wives at the same time? will become my wife.

Then Berta said: Lady, as a king’s daughter you shall not betray a manVon der Hagen: foreign man who has come into your power. Rather, you should allow him to leave. But didn’t you at one time say, sister Erka: Holy God in Heaven, make me queen of Hunnenland? Now you can get what you asked of God. Don’t betray this man. Become Attila’s queen and I will come with you.

Before Berta had ended her piece Rodolf wanted to leave, because he had heard Erka say that she would tell her father everything. But now Erka called out: Hear, good knight Rodolf, and don’t leave. I will become king Attila’s wife, and I give you this gold ring as a pledge of thatVon der Hagen adds: And my sister and I will keep quiet about you, but you must help us escape.. Osantrix and Nordung saw Erka give Sigurd a ring, so they thought she would accept king Nordung, but it did not turn out that wayThis last sentence is not in Von der Hagen.

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  26. Sigfrid's death (342-348)
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  28. Grimhild's revenge (356-394)
  29. Dietrich's return (395-415)
  30. Attila's death (423-428)
  31. Heime's death (429-437)
  32. Dietrich's death (438-442)