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A fraction in the European Parliament must consist of at least 25 MEPs from at least 7 countries.

To the right of the EPP everything is up for grabs as new coalitions are being formed. Brexit and M5S are the two big prizes, while Salvini and Le Pen appear to have concluded an alliance that will lead to the new EAPN group.

National parties are usually members of European parties. A European fraction can consist of members of several European parties. This overview ignores European parties.

After Brexit the UK loses its 73 seats. 46 of those will be removed, but 27 will be allocated to other member states.

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Main sources

The German Wikipedia page.

The official EU Parliament election overview.

The Europe Elects Twitter account; mostly for updates on which national parties will join which European parties.

If you just want the data, here is the JSON file.