IE8 compatibility tests - meta EmulateIE8; doctype

This page contains tests for the IE8 compatibility modes.

IE5.5 -> IE6

IE6 started supporting the W3C box model. This paragraph has a width of 300 pixels, a padding of 20px and a border of 10px. In IE5.5, that means that the full width of this box is 300px. In IE6 and up the content of the box has width 300px, to which 60 is added (padding *2 + border *2).

This paragraph is 300px wide in both box models. Use it for comparisons

IE6 -> IE7

These two CSS declarations do not work in IE6, but they do in IE7.


This paragraph has a maximum width of 10em. It should thus take far less than the full width of the content column. max-width became fully supported in IE7.


IE7 -> IE8

These two CSS declarations do not work in IE7, but they do in IE8.


I added my logo before this paragraph by using the :before pseudo-element. It’s only supported in IE8.


This paragraph should have an outline, which is supported from IE8 onwards.