td width and colspan

This bug appears in Explorer Windows from 4 onwards.

An obscure and potentially annoying bug in Explorer Windows 4-6: if you give TD's a width and then use colspan, Explorer Windows still obeys the width for the colspanned TD.



table {
	width: 300px;

td {
	width: 100px;

Please remember that widths on tables or table elements are not very strictly obeyed: all browsers, including Explorer Windows, read the styles above as: "If at all possible, please make the table 300 pixels wide and all TD's 100 pixels wide".
In the second example I stretched one TD so that the width declaration becomes impossible to maintain. All browsers cheerfully ignore the width and stretch up the table to accomodate the long text.

I also added one TD with colspan="2" to each table. Logically, the width should become 200 pixels. Although Explorer Windows stretches the TD correctly, the TD's content is still kept at 100 pixels. The text 'TD with colspan=2' fits on one line in all other browsers: the TD with colspan="2" gives it enough space. Explorer Windows, though, breaks off the text so that it would fit in a 100 pixels wide TD.

Normal TD Normal TD Normal TD
TD with colspan=2 Normal TD
StretchStretchStretchStretchStretchStretch Normal TD Normal TD
TD with colspan=2 Normal TD


This is the desired effect (Mozilla):

Desired effect (Mozilla)

Explorer Windows, however, breaks off the text in the colspanned TD:

Effect in IE