Unwanted gap in bottom of tables

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In IE 6, placing the TD tags on a line of their own creates an unwanted gap at the bottom (see Table 1 on the bug report page). Placing the TD tags on the same line as the IMG tag eliminates the gap. (See table 2 on the bug report page).

Test page Workaround is included
Reported by: John H Holmes.

(Orphaned), Explorer 5-6 Windows | Reported on 19 July 2005.


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Posted by Chris Hester on 21 July 2005


This only happens when the end tag of the cell is on a new line.

Posted by Ingo Chao on 30 July 2005


img { display: block; } is another fix.

Posted by B Bakker on 31 July 2005


yes img { display: block; }

and you have to read up on a few Things


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