Invalid keyCode given on a keyboard event

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Keyboard events for non-alphanumeric keys create an incorrect keyCode attribute on the event. This appears to be a problem on all browsers but Opera 8b and higher.

The workaround is very much a hack and does not work for international users.

Test page Workaround is included
Reported by: Peter Siewert.

(Orphaned), Explorer 5-6 Windows, Explorer Mac, Mozilla, Safari | Reported on 31 January 2005.


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Posted by GĂ©rard Talbot on 5 September 2005


To see/render the character, one must query the charCode at keypress event for Mozilla and Firefox and Mozilla-based browsers.

No problem here:

No problem here:

I am sure this bug is INVALID.

P.S.: DOM 3 events propose to ditch charCode and keyCode and to implement instead keyIdentifier event property.

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