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All our sandwiches

€ 1,75
Old cheese
Grilled sausage
Spicy grilled sausage
Grilled sausage with cheese
Roast beef home made
Spicy roast beef With our own mix of herbs and spices home made
Fricandeau home made
Chicken fillet home made
Liver with bits of bacon!
€ 2,00
Pepper salami
Smoked meat
Egg salad home made
Russian egg salad home made
Sellery salade home made
Chicken-curry salad home made
tuna salad home made
Salmon salad home made
€ 2.50
Mozzarella mozzarella, pesto, tomato
Mozzarella di parma mozzarella, parmaham, pesto, tomato
Brie with sundried tomatoes
Smoked chicken fillet Smoked chicken fillet, green pesto, lettuce and tomato From our own smoke-house
tuna salad of tuna,tomato,a bit of onion and a whiff of mayonnaise home made
vitello tonato home made
parma ham
steak&cheese freshly fried
English sandwich bacon,cheese,lettuce,tomato and a whiff of mayonnaise freshly fried
Belgian ham with mustard sauce freshly fried