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The QuirksBlog is my professional blog in which I write about web development and related topics, and occasionally about my personal life. I'm not really interested in keeping a personal blog, though, so the majority of the entries are about solidly techy stuff.

Full line-up for Mobilism 2015

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Mobilism 2015 will take place on 27th of March in Amsterdam. Today, our full line-up was revealed. Mobilism first-timers Petro Salema and Agnieszka Walorska are joined by veterans Seb Lee-Delisle, Stephanie Rieger (and me) to create a nice mix of the new and the familiar.

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Front end and back end

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The difference between back-enders and front-enders is that the first work in only one environment, while the second have to work with myriad of environments that may hold unpleasant surprises.

I feel that the subconscious assumption that a complex JavaScript-driven web site or web app will run in only one monolithic environment is the root cause of many problems front-enders see in back-end-driven web-based projects.

Even worse, where back-enders hold that they’re better in creating complex applications than front-enders — and they may even be right — some show an unwillingness to learn about the front end.

The combination of an insistence on being right about application structuring with a casual dismissal of front-end techniques aimed at catering to myriads of challenging environments makes the archetypical back-ender come across as arrogant. If you want to teach, be prepared to learn.

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Angular and templating

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Well, that was quite a ride. 50K hits on my Angular article (which is a LOT for me), and still people trickling in.

Predictably, trolls came out in the comment threads on Hacker News and Reddit, but also some thoughtful reactions, and even a few who defended my article. It almost seems as if the comment quality is going slightly up. That’s unexpected, and nice. (For the record, I’m not a fan of comments.)

There’s way too much feedback to treat it all — I encourage you to read the comments for yourself — but there’s one particular argument I’d like to point out. It’s about my belief that templating belongs on the server, and it was made in both comment threads:

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