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Kings of Code slides up

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Just now I posted the (Dutch) slides of my JavaScript Events presentation at Kings of Code.

Download them here. PDF file; about 620K.

I want to repeat this presentation in English at some conference somewhere, but I don't yet have specific plans. So if you can't read Dutch you'll have to have some patience.

The Ajax Experience and other conferences

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Next month will be a busy, conference- and travel-rich month. September will be exactly the same, but fortunately I've got some spare time in between (time that I'm going to need for my next big project).

Before revealing my exact schedule, I've got a new speaking gig to announce: The Ajax Experience, September 29th to October 1st, Boston. I will present the "State of the Browsers" session, in which I'm going to discuss the failings of modern browsers when it comes to DOM support, as well as quizzing a few framework authors about their handling of browser incompatibilities. It's going to be huge fun and I'm looking forward to it.

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This is worth a formal note: getElementsByClassName() is now natively supported by the most recent versions of Firefox, Safari, and Opera. I added it to the compatibility tables. Obviously, as long as Certain Other Browsers do not support it we can't yet really use it everywhere, but it's a ray of hope.

And you wrote your custom getElementsByClassName() function to keep an eye on native implementations, didn't you?

function getElementsByClassName(node,classname) {
	if (node.getElementsByClassName)
		return node.getElementsByClassName(classname);
	else {
		// your custom function


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